Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Indian Army Border Roads Organisation is dedicated to keep the lines of communication open


This is where the fight between China and India will take place.  Never heard of this Indian Army organization but it's a no brainer and probably a key to fighting in this terrain.

Helicopters operating at this altitude will face diminished cargo capability so keeping the roads open to allow trucks to resupply forces becomes even more vital.

This explains so much.  Like why the Chinese are building a light tank to fight in these mountains.  Like why the Indians are attempting to build purpose built helicopters to operate at this altitude.

India is facing a two front war.  Pakistan on one side and China on the other.  My prediction is that India will cross swords with China before we finally get our turn...but that's just my guess.  My fear is a coordinated attack.  A major dust up between India and Pakistan with China attempting to gobble up terrain while India is distracted.

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