Friday, May 01, 2020

Kongsberg's MCT-30 selected for USMC's Amphibious Combat Vehicle-30 line

via Janes
The US Marine Corps’ (USMC’s) 30 mm cannon Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV-30) is slated to be outfitted with Kongsberg’s Protector Medium Caliber Turret 30 mm (MCT-30).

BAE Systems is expected to produce four ACV variants including the personnel carrier (ACV-P), command and control (ACV-C), recovery (ACV-R), and ACV-30. For the latter, the company has decided to integrate Kongsberg’s MCT-30 onto the vehicle, a BAE Systems spokesperson told Jane’s on 29 April.

Kongsberg did not immediately return Jane’s request for information, but its MCT-30 is a remote weapon station developed for wheeled and tracked armoured fighting vehicles and its main weapon is the XM813 30 mm Mk44 Bushmaster chain gun.
Not slamming Kongsberg but I have to wonder if this is the best available on the market or if the Marine Corps is simply piggybacking off the Army's selection of this turret for their Stryker ICV.

To be actual and factual turret tech is moving along at mach speed and this turret is at least a generation behind current offerings on the market.

The height and bulk of the turret coupled with the fact that it is AS LARGE as a manned turret just can't escape my notice.

Another thing that irritates is that we don't know if a REAL competition was held or if they simply made a selection.

I'm pleased that the Corps is moving forward but a bit frustrated at the lack of visibility on the "whys" of this selection.

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