Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Late Weds Debate....Do stay at home orders violate the constitution?

Let's hash this out (in a real deal way...meaning a thinking discussion).

Do stay at home orders violate the constitution?  Are they legal?  Do they fit the purview of the govt?

On one hand you have the govt acting in what they think is the public good.  They're seeking to flatten the curve so our hospitals aren't overwhelmed (what they're trying to do now is beyond me).  They're also seeking to avoid prolonged economic and psychological damage to the public (although some would argue that we're well past that point and the damage will be felt for at least two generations if not longer).

We should all be able to agree that we're not gonna solve this thing till we have a vaccine or some type of prophylactic that can lessen the damage that this virus does.

So what do we do?

Continue for an undetermined period of time, or open the flood gates and take a chance that we all get bombed?

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