Saturday, May 02, 2020

Opinion....Bin Laden killed...High Value Kill/Capture Raids ruined SOCOM & misdirected our war on terror

If you take a swing around Military Twitter & Instagram it appears that many are all gaga about the Bin Laden raid.

I get it.

It was a bold mission that succeeded beyond anyone's imagination (although I still have to wonder if the dude isn't in a max security prison never to be seen again...yeah its a conspiracy but why send SEALs to put a bullet in a head instead of bouncing rubble?).

But back on task.

Looking back on the wars (and historians will have a ton of work to do in that regard) I can't help but wonder if successive White Houses focusing on kill terror leaders and SOCOM making its reason for being for every unit didn't misdirect our war effort.

I'm looking at insurgencies world wide and have to wonder if that tactic is winning ANYWHERE.

I don't have an answer but it sure doesn't look like it.  Additionally I can't recommend a better course of action.

Another factor is this.  What happens if an enemy, any enemy tries to do the same to us.  Can you imagine what would occur if ISIS decided to send a few of their zealots after Congress Critters in the US?  I imagine they could get at least a few before authorities could finally track them down and neutralize them.

But the chaos would be legion.

What if they did the same and went after a few one star generals/admirals? Security details for those bubbas are kinda light if they have them at all.

That problem multiplies exponentially if a state actor with real Special Ops makes a run at them (not even gonna count the big players in this...Russia/China are off the table, the blow back would be too extreme...even N. Korea would balk at that type of madness) but others might not.

The Bin Laden Raid should be celebrated.  BUT WITH CAUTION.  There are many lessons to be learned from it but it wasn't a resounding success (strategically) and probably marks the high point of the High Value Target Raid. 

From my chair it just isn't worth the squeeze and did NOT produce the desired results at the end of the day.

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