Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Politics Talk. Did the medical establishment push too far with social distancing...

This whole thing started with applause for the medical professionals and the governors that started the crack down.


Now we're seeing pushback all across the nation.  We're seeing governors lifting restrictions (slowly) while citizens appear to be disobeying orders all over the place.

Unfortunately we've seen violence occur over not following those rules.  Security guards shot and killed, one had his arm broken and a Texas Park Ranger pushed into a creek.  That's been against authority figures.  Against fellow citizens gunfire has resulted and if not taken to that extreme then we've seen fights.

On social media on one hand we see nurses crying about being in war zones and then the next we see nurses doing choreographed dance routines.

Medical professionals continue to talk the social distancing meme.  Governors and other politicians too.

Is this a case of them being loved today and hated tomorrow?

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