Sunday, May 03, 2020

Pompeo backs claims that the coronavirus originated in the lab at Wuhan.

I've noticed that the shatterpoint for China supporters is the "we said it was manmade" thing.


We said early on it was either manmade or escaped, but that the Chinese were playing with the thing in the lab at Wuhan.

What does that mean exactly?  They could have been experimenting with bats and one got loose and got devoured by someone at their wet market.  One of the researchers could have gotten infected showed no symptoms for 21 days (yeah...we've heard the quarantine period should be 21 days but they've limited to 14 because they know the public would automatically balk at that!) while walking around spreading the thing.


The truth is coming.

The lab in Wuhan is ground zero for this global pandemic and China is trying hard to keep that news from hitting the streets.  The curious thing?  Don't watch Washington DC.  Watch the EU.  They're already floating the idea of reparations from China for the pandemic but they've been fought back.  Trump has talked sanctions.  Either way China will pay.

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