Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Russian anti-air systems are being interdicted before they even can setup for battle...

Gotta give them credit.  When you're hitting high value targets on the back of transporters or while enroute to setting up then you're doing something right.

Libya is about to get beyond interesting and will make Yemen look like Sunday school and Syria look like a trip to Disneyland.

Egypt and Turkey will finally cross swords and their supporters will do their best to keep them in the fight.

The Regional War that is currently being waged in the Middle East and North Africa is about to heat up again.  ISIS was just disposable assets to be used by both sides.  They'll be mowed down when the time is right and conventional forces for all involved will finally enter the fray.

If lives weren't involved in this mess it would be fun to watch.  Since there are lives involved it will be merely fascinating.

The war drums continue to beat despite the coronavirus.  2020 is turning into one hell of a year.

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