Friday, May 29, 2020

SNAFU! Blog Store...

Well the SNAFU! Blog store is up on TeeSpring (you can check it out here). I can tell you right off it's obviously a European enterprise cause no matter what I do I can't get around that blasted VAT tax!

There are few offerings on the thing and yeah.  The prices aren't good but you'll be supporting the blog.

I'll be looking for other offerings at better prices but this is what I cobbled together at this time.

As far as tee-shirts and sweatshirts?  I got a guy that has a son in the industry.  Hopefully we'll be able to work up a few great designs at decent prices so we can get the word out.

Check it out.  Understand that its small and hopefully will grow.  Oh and remember this is the terrible baby steps before we can get it to run!

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