Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The ‘Milk Tea Alliance’ & how one little girl plus a bunch of 20 somethings are pissing off China...

Thanks to Utah Bob for the link!

This is fascinating.  Check this out...

Yeah.  They're using Sailor Moon as their representative of SE Asian countries standing together against China.

But you have to read the articles Utah Bob posted to get the full flavor of the revolt in the region against Chinese hegemony.

A small sample...
A barrage of memes and posts ridiculed Chinese social media users for everything from their pro-Communist Party ideology to the spread of coronavirus. Failed attempts by Chinese social media users to mass report tweets, posts and memes that they found critical of China were also soundly mocked on social media platforms.
This is too delicious and a must read.  Check out the articles HERE, and HERE
Even better do you know what NNEVVY said to kick start this whole thing (assuming I'm reading this right)?  Check this out before you head out...
 The online battle started when Sukaram was accused of retweeting and sharing a Thai Twitter post that questioned whether coronavirus had emerged in a laboratory in Wuhan.

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