Wednesday, May 27, 2020

This day in 1943, while arming B-17 bombers of the US 92nd Bombardment Group at RAF Alconbury, UK, a 500-pound bomb exploded, killing 19 men, destroying 4 B-17s, and damaging 11 others.

Note.  This is another side of the "peer vs peer" war that I don't think people are including in their math.  Mistakes happen and people will die.  The relentless pace of operations (especially at the start of conflict or during major phases of battle) will cause exhaustion and unfortunately short cuts to come into play.  We all assume that casualties will be tolerated but what about wartime casualties versus casualties caused by Mr Murphy?  The incident below was bad but there were many more that were much worse. How would the US military and in particular, the general public react to losses like this?

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