Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Time to Put the Broken and Bloated F-35 Program to Rest

Story here.

You ever read an article and damn near cheer?  I mean an article that hits on almost every point you've ever made?

The problem is that this article is late (even as I was late to the realization that the F-35 was gobbling up the Marine Corps) and much damage is already done.  BUT IT'S NOT TOO LATE to course correct.

The good news?

We're getting a few inklings of that course correction.  The USMC is gonna leave a few hundred programmed F-35s unbuilt.  The USAF is buying the F-15EX.  The US Navy is pursing the F/A-18 Super Hornet Block III.

Even Marine Corps planning guidance seems to indicate that the F-35 isn't all its cracked up to be with the emphasis on ground launched anti-ship missiles.

We can still fix this.  How do we do it?  By not wasting more money on a failed project.  When money is short you have to be smart.  The US military will have to be smart because we're entering an era where bread and butter will win out over defense.

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