Wednesday, June 17, 2020

20 Indian Army Soldiers killed in clash with Chinese Army...


I've talked about this before.  Not the exact circumstances or location but the idea of a Battalion Commander sinking his teeth into the floor board in some obscure out of area location and events spiraling.

I still haven't seen reports about how this kicked off but the possibility of this turning hot seem pretty high to me.

Don't think we'll ever really know the butcher's bill of this incident on the Chinese side.  They're secretive, deceitful and will do anything to prop up public opinion rather than be honest.

What am I watching for?  Reinforcements to the region from both sides.  Possible activity from Pakistan.  Probably backdoor channels being used to de-escalate the situation.

Either way this bears watching.

2020.  The year from hell.

UPDATE!  Just saw this predicted...

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