Friday, June 12, 2020

A new "everyday page on SNAFU! Introducing a daily "info" page for tips on defense systems/small wars etc...

Lets get actual and factual.

I love getting info about wars/rumors of wars that are happening around the planet.  I love getting info about weapon systems...especially from medium powers.  I love the interaction when I have active participation on the blog.

But I've been a bit miffed that a reader (yeah ALPAY) was getting so much grief about the information he posted.  Quite honestly we're lucky to have him here.  He could easily start his own blog and I believe it would be bigger than this one in a couple of months max.  But instead he commented here.  Many bitched and moaned about his style but that's irrelevant.  He posted stuff that I wasn't aware of or wasn't keeping track on.

As things played out I gave into the cries of the mob (sound familiar with the anguish over the LVNR?) and asked him to limit his comments.

Well it just don't sit well with me.  I want that info.  So the compromise I'm working out is that I'm starting a new info page that will go along with open comments for specific information on wars, defense systems etc.

Open comments will continue which will focus on whatever topics you guys bring up but this new one will focus on defense systems from other countries.

Read it or not but I hope Alpay and readers like them toss their hats into this new page and make it sing.

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