Saturday, June 27, 2020

Any CBRN Specialist in the house? Question. Does the Ops Core SOTR protect against the coronavirus?

This blog post isn't for everyone so feel free to skip.

Issue.  I'm thinking this coronavirus thing will come back in a big way this fall. Due to job we're required to wear masks.  Fully expect a mask at all times order from the governor too. 

Issue 1. My life goes from dull as hell to what some might call "energetic". Add to it the fact that N95's aren't available.  I don't trust the "just put on a scarf recommendation for protection  and I want something that can hold up I'm looking for something a bit more substantial.

Issue 2.  I've settled on the SOTR.  Oh and be advised I'm willing to check out other brands! But what you see above is the best I can get on whether or not it will be effective with regard to the coronavirus.

Question.  Does the Ops Core SOTR (or a similar half face respirator) protect against the coronavirus.

Note.  I'd rather talk to the CBRN bubbas I have in the audience rather than just go often bro science here.  The internet is a mess on this subject and since I'm pretty sure others are on this trail I'd prefer to avoid bad info.


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