Sunday, June 28, 2020

Chinese Navy vs the QUAD countries

If payloads over platforms is the correct meme....If China is able to develop effective anti-ship missiles that can be launched from small ships...If Chinese Diesel Electric Subs are as effective as their European counterparts...then we have a huge problem in the Pacific.

I guess the first issue is the most important one.  Would the Quad countries actually stick together if a fight were declared?  Notice that the S. Koreans aren't included?  That's a huge red flag in my mind.

Next is the issue we covered first.

How will the USMC's future force structure make up for this deficit and is the juice worth the squeeze if they're able to get on land?

Just looking at this chart, leadership fiddled while the threat turned into a monster.

Did the naval order of battle against the Soviet Union/Warsaw Pact ever look this bad during the height of the Cold War?

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