Monday, June 08, 2020

Commentary. Minneapolis City Council moves to dismantle their police dept...

Just plain wow.

Just heard this on the news and quite honestly I'm shocked.  This is a terrible response to a terrible incident and will cause untold suffering in that city.

People will move out with a quickness that will result in decreased revenue.  Recruitment (something that is already hard) will become even MORE difficult. Crime will skyrocket and the people that need the protection of law enforcement the most will become lambs in a world of predators.

Reform is indeed necessary.

Change is necessary and the battle of the hearts/minds of most Americans has been won.

Defunding police will simply cause a whiplash effect on the other side of this thing.  After a period of out of control crime you will see police depts come back bigger than ever out of necessity.

I get the emotion but this is a terrible move.

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