Monday, June 22, 2020

Egypt and Turkey about to cross swords???

This has been lurking in the background for about a month but I haven't posted about it.

Turkey and Egypt going full bore?  Hmm.  I have to give the edge (notice I said edge and don't go batshit) to Egypt because they have much shorter supply lines, appear to have the support of active (in the region) NATO forces (mainly the French) and have the capability to interdict supplies/resupply efforts across the Med.


Sidenote.  Now I know (or think I do) why AFRICOM is in Libya.  They're trying to head off a major fight.  God.  I hope the Generals aren't thinking of putting US troops between to regional powers, terrorists and Mad Max disciples in Libya.

That would be a clusterfuck from would (in my mind) need a reinforced mech division along with an air force expeditionary force just to be credible, have a degree of force protection and could carry the fight to whoever violates the agreement.

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