Thursday, June 18, 2020

Ground based anti-air efforts...

Thanks to Snafuperman for the idea...

Snafuperman asked what happened to the US Army's Multi Mission Launcher. The quick answer?  They quit the project.

For whatever reason (I believe its the fighter mafia combined with the ground forces belief that the aviation would get the job done so there was no need to invest in the capability) US ground forces have had a pathetic record when it comes to ground based anti-air capability.

The LAV-AD had perhaps the shortest active run of any vehicle in the US Marines in recent memory.  It seems like one day it was in service, the next day retired.

I don't know anything about how the Army views the Avenger but it has been around awhile.  Biggest obvious plus?  8 ready rounds to engage the enemy (or 4 plus the laser in butched up versions).

Moving toward the future the US Army has a new SHORAD Stryker based setup that looks right.  Problem for the Marines?  Fitting it on a JLTV will be beyond problematic.  If the MOOG system is too heavy then this will flatten the roof of a JLTV while you're setting it up much less driving cross country.

The Russians always have emphasized ground based anti-air and use the Tigr platform as the baseline for the Gibka anti-air command vehicle and missile carrier.

The Poles use the POPRAD that also comes with a radar (mounted on the same vehicle type) that just entered service.

Even the Chinese have a ground based anti-air system with more than 4 ready rounds!

Long story short?

I'm not sure US ground forces have taken the idea of organic anti-air seriously. There are various examples around the world of how it could be done.

What has me spinning?  If its about killing UAVs then EOS Defense Systems USA has shown that its R400 Mk 2 has an organic anti-air capability.

If we're not gonna get serious about building the capability in a unique vehicle then our IFVs should have the ability to at least defend themselves with the proper weapons fits.

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