Friday, June 19, 2020

I was worried about this. Atlanta PD has entire zones uncovered in sickout...

via Star Tribune.
Atlanta police officers called out sick Thursday to protest the filing of murder charges against an officer who shot a man in the back, while the interim chief acknowledged members of the force feel abandoned amid protests demanding massive changes to policing.

Interim Chief Rodney Bryant told The Associated Press in an interview that the sick calls began Wednesday night and continued Thursday, but said the department has sufficient staff to protect the city. It's not clear how many officers have called out.

"Some are angry. Some are fearful. Some are confused on what we do in this space. Some may feel abandoned," Bryant said of the officers. "But we are there to assure them that we will continue to move forward and get through this."

I was worried this was coming.  Worse?  I can see this going nationwide.  The problem?  Let's say that many LEOs in your dept decide to participate in this type of action.

You (assuming you're a LEO) know the deal and know that instead of backup being a few minutes away because your buddy will drive like Mad Max to get to you, you now know it'll be 15 minutes because the closest backup is across the city?

How do you walk into that snake pit knowing that reality?

Even worse?  From my chair we've seen these "pop up" mobs (I make the distinction between protests and mobs that are surrounding police cruisers/assaulting police etc..) and you're asking a force that is already under staffed to operate in even MORE understaffed condition in this environment?

I have to admit that I saw the shooting in Atlanta as justified.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe the prosecutor overcharged but the end result of all this will be the same.

You can expect ever major urban area to become even more unsafe than they are today.  We're on the cusp of a major crimewave and at the end of the day the reasons are irrelevant.

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