Saturday, June 27, 2020

Late Saturday Talk. Summer is pretty much a wash. Is fall gonna be worse?

Just a little Late Saturday Talk.  Some have hit on it on the blog.  I've seen it said outright in other places.

Summer is looking like a wash.  Their will be no traditional summer this year.  Which means tourism worldwide is in the toilet.  Looks like beaches are gonna take a beating and normal other summertime activities (probably with the exception of barbeques) is underwater too.

So from my seat we can kiss summer goodbye.

Will the fall be better or worse?

What does that even look like?  Can you imagine Halloween in the era of the coronavirus?  Thanksgiving might scrap by but Christmas and the shopping that props up most businesses is gonna take a SERIOUS and drastic hit.

Oh and this is all before you add in some of the social unrest that is definitely keeping me in an even less than normally anti-social mood than I already am.

Of course this will extend to all facets of our lives.  From domestic policy, foreign policy, defense spending, domestic spending...even to employment.

I'm tossing this out to you all.

If you look at everything we're facing could we possibly be on the verge of a freaking depression (and yeah I've said it before, seen the videos on YouTube of the Karens and Kens acting a fool and even one woman saying she doesn't wear a mask for the same reason she doesn't wear panties...cause she gotta breath) because of our response/fear of this disease?

What are the global implications of a great depression?  What are the issues that the defense budget will face because of a crashed economy?

Looking into a crystal ball I can't anything but hard times ahead.  Am I wrong?

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