Sunday, June 21, 2020

Pakistan fires artillery into India...

Thanks to Righteous Snow Dragon for the link!

via Times Of India.
Pakistan targets innocent Indian civilians and Indian villages in Uri region in the Baramulla district, in the Indian union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. 5 civilians have been injured and several residential structures have been damaged in Pakistani shelling.
Despite so many successes by the Indian forces, Pakistan is not learning its lesson.
Mir Fareed, J&K Bureau Chief says " Violations have been increased and it won't be right to call it violations anymore as it is happening every day. There is firing every day at LAC, let it be Jammu or the Kashmir Valley. Since yesterday, there has been heavy shelling by Pakistan and it has been retaliated in the equal measure by the Indian army."

I'm guilty on this one.  I had been focused on China vs India that I failed to notice (obviously for quite awhile) the Pakistan vs India fight.

This Bureau Chief is saying that these "violations" (interesting terminology...anywhere else on the planet and this would be viewed as an act of war...) are occurring and even increasing recently?

Extremely curious.

That's one mystery I can't seem to wrap my head around.  How are their so many small wars going on at the same time?  It would seem to me that for the safety and security of your nation that eventually you would just declare war and get it done.

Instead we've been locked into these simmering quasi fights for more than two decades.

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