Saturday, June 20, 2020

Serbian M84-AS1 MBT

Thanks to Class BOSNIT for the link!

Notes included in the e-mail sent...
The new version of the M84-AS1 tank is a modernized M84 tank of the Serbian Army. It is expected that the Armed Forces will soon receive a donation from the Russian Federation in the form of modernized T72 tanks and by then we hope that AS1 will be in the arsenal of the Serbian army. The planned modernization of the M84AS1 tank will now enter the testing phase and we hope that the project will come to life soon. The novelty known for now on the M84-AS1 is the new ERO armor a new DUBS-M15 station and a new MS-2 metal sensor have been added. A new optoelectronic device has also been added. The inside of the tank ie the positions of all three crew members have been totally digitized. As part of the modernization the AS1 also has completely new caterpillars and the 125mm topaz tube itself is new. It has a diesel engine V-46TK of 1000 hp which is supposed to be only strengthened for now. The drive unit will probably not change. The M84 had an operating range of about 700km. The main tank is 1200l plus additional tanks of another 400l which are not seen on the new AS1 version for now. Its maximum speed is about 70km-h although it weighs over 40 tons. The planned modernization is planned to take place in two phases.
Looks like a neat modernization but I can't lie.  That armor package has my interest.  Anyone have details on it?

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