Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Brits are now our official reserve....UK forms Littoral Response Groups

Not at all impressed with this.

The funny thing?  The Brits are designing forces to fall in on the USMC while the USMC should be working overtime with the US Army.

Any action ashore will require Army Brigades (Stryker, Armored or plain Infantry) cause we're relegating ourselves to being a simple raid force....if the USMC's Littoral Force can't get it done solo then what good will augments from the Brits do?

Why maintain Marine Infantry Battalions at all?  MARSOC will probably be able to conduct any mission that require a USMC footprint ashore (after all they're the Corps' raid masters...hell we even have a unit called the Maritime Raid Force)!

Additionally why are we still acquiring helos?  The US Army can go afloat as they've demonstrated when they did the action in Haiti with the 101st.

Confidence in Berger's plan?

It doesn't exist.

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