Monday, June 22, 2020

US forces are really leaving Germany and heading to Poland...

Just plain wow.  Never thought I would see the US pivot from Germany to Poland in such a big way.  I have no idea what the implications of such a move mean but it could cause "tension" within NATO and the future (if it comes into effect) European Army.

One other thing.  It's been assumed that Germany and France would lead such a force but I have to wonder how.  France I get.  The Germans not so much. I give it less than 10 years and the Poles will far outpace them in military power.

Additionally with the rise of nationalism in the EU, I'm not sure Germany will continue to be the financial powerhouse it is today.

No doubt the world is changing so any assumption that "what is, will be" in Europe is foolish thinking.

Story here.

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