Monday, July 06, 2020

Adversary Force Company...a good beginning but we need the US Army's assets to make this really useful

I keep hearing that the pacing threat is China.  I keep hearing that the USMC is going to rip itself apart, rebuild and focus on China.

I don't agree ONE BIT on how the Commandant is doing it but ok.  I don't get to call shots, he does (and woe to him and our nation if he's wrong but that's a different discussion) and this is the path we're on.

Which brings me to this Adversary Force Company.

Great idea birthed at 2nd MARDIV.

It needs to go Corps wide and we need to do it big.  An Adversary Company ain't big enough.

We need an adversary brigade...maybe even division.  Which means we need US Army assets (already established at NTC) to play red team for us.  The question is whether or not they could mimic Chinese motorized/mechanized forces.  Would the US Army allow a battalion of 82nd come out for a big exercise to play Chinese paratroops?  Could we get SOCOM to release the Rangers to play the role of Chinese SpecOps to attack our FARPs?

You get the idea.

If we're not gonna do it it right then what use is it?  How do we validate this drastic change of course?

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