Friday, July 24, 2020

China producing a huge number of vehicles...

What will the new Missile Marine Corps do when the Chinese get feet dry?  There will not be enough missiles to prevent a landing.  When you get beyond the posturing of "deterrence" you get down to the business of combat.

If the Chinese aren't deterred can the Missile Marine Corps win on land?

I don't think so.

We're in the Japanese Imperial Army's conundrum (self made) of either stopping them at sea or simply trying to make the battle costly.  Once the Old Corps landed the situation wasn't in doubt.  The Japanese Imperial Army knew they would lose.  The best they could hope for is a bloody battle.

That I fear is the fate of the new Missile Marine Corps.  If they Chinese make it to land (and despite this concept they will), all that can be hoped for is to bloody them badly...even though you know you're gonna lose (unless the 25th ID shows up in time!).

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