Sunday, July 12, 2020

Hasm 2020...Egypt drops paratroopers to secure beach ahead of an amphibious assault

Wow.  The Egyptians are doing what I called for a couple of years ago.  Teaming their elite, rapid deployment forces for max effect.  A Marine Expeditionary Unit should have practiced teaming with a brigade from the 82nd Airborne long ago.

Even with current battle plans (what little we know of them), Paratroopers could be used to secure areas for the new Missile Marine Corps to launch from.

This is undoubtedly the future.  Marine Air might transport Army Soldiers to secure launching points for HIMARS.  With the threat from HQMC towards the AH-1Z, we might see Army Apaches become navalized to work from soon to be redundant big deck LHAs (assuming they aren't doing work as Lightning Carriers).

The Marine Corps Ground Combat Element is dead.  Long live the Army Combat Team.

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