Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Libyan Parliament give the Egyptian govt permission to get involved in their civil war..

This!  This is what I've been seeing for at least the past month.  The war in Libya has been heating up, the battle lines are drawn, the allies assembled and the main players are about to enter center stage.

Now is the time for Turkey to either step up or lay down.

I don't think they'll lay down which means that we can expect the Egyptian and Turkish forces to meet on the battlefield.

If it hasn't already happened I think we'll see another Special Operations Olympics with both sides hesitant for their general purpose forces to get involved but that won't last long.

Egypt will push forward their well equipped mechanized infantry/tanks against Libyan backed rebels...those rebels will be forced back and then Turkish conventional forces will have to intercede. 

It's gonna be rough on them because of the distance involved in getting to theater which means that air and sea battles could erupt.

This might be the first big fight of the 2020's.

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