Wednesday, July 08, 2020

LtCol Vindman retires. Is it Trump or Duckworth's fault?

I've been watching talk of the Vindman retirement and to my surprise John Bolton made a fantastic point.

Of course he blamed Trump for politicizing the guy but he also laid blame at the feet of Senator Duckworth.  His reasoning?  She threatened to hold up 1100 Officer promotions unless the White House/Pentagon acquiesced to certain demands (don't recall what they were).

The weird thing?

Trump can hold up the promotion of any officer in the military for any reason.  It's part of being commander-in-chief.

The even weirder thing?

Vindman will be well taken care of.  If the Dems win the White House, take the Senate or none-of-the-above, you can bet that he'll either be back in the DoD as a civilian appointee or on a staff of some senator.

He retired but will end up still be promoted.

Tell me where I'm wrong.

Note.  In another surprise move by Bolton he said both Trump and Duckworth were at fault.  Oh and the interview was on MSNBC!

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