Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Public Service Announcement. Keep your Key Fobs away from your front door!

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Video: Criminals are using what’s called an RFID amplifier. A car key fob sends out an RFID code, thieves work in pairs, one with a receiver the size of an iPad, the other with a clicker. The thief with the receiver only needs to be a few feet from your key fob, usually next to your front door, and then sends the copied signal to the other thief with the clicker - and like magic opens the door. Keep your key fob away from your doors and windows. Put it by your bed night stand and if possible drop it in a Faraday Cage such as an fold up poxuh you can find on Amazon or the #faradayhank by @superessestraps . This will shield it from criminals. It also serves as an alarm. If you hear a disturbance in the middle of the night, click the alarm on you key fob. This will draw attention to your home and cause a neighbor to call 911 or at least check in on you. It will also deter criminals. Download The Grayman Doctrine at l9nk in bio or #grayman #keyfob #crime #theft #cartheft #grandtheftauto #homedefense #securitytips #rfid
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