Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Royal Marines "Vanguard Strike Company"

Story here.

Interesting.  This part of the article stood out but read it all..
Commandant General Royal Marines, Major General Matt Holmes, said: “The Vanguard Strike Company will lead and inform how the Royal Marines and Army Commandos will operate and fight in a dynamic, technological era of warfare.

“We envisage several of these networked sub-units persistently forward deployed around the globe, with an array of sophisticated enabling capabilities, to present dilemmas to adversaries whilst supporting partners. These will all be at high-readiness, as a capable forward contingency force at the core of the Royal Navy’s Littoral Response Groups.”
I see the Royal Marines are on the same path as the Missile Marine Corps except with less gear.

In essence we're FORWARD DEPLOYED (the RM's too) in penny packets, expecting these EXTREMELY SMALL FORCES to somehow deter a determined enemy that has overwhelming firepower.

We're setting up the modern version of that old western...Ft Apache...but on a global scale.

The enemy will find, fix and destroy these units in place...with EASE!  Part of their issue gear should be a box of napkins for the mothers of these Marines to cry into when that notification officer and the Chaplain show up.

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