Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Russian - USA bumper cars in Syria turns deadly instead of just dangerous...

I am so surprised by the restraint shown on both sides in the shit show that is Syria.  This road rage bullshit is beyond my understanding though.  I just don't get it.  Can't see any tactical reasoning behind any of it.  It has to come from higher up cause I just don't see why anyone would participate in this kinda stuff unless ordered to.

When your reason for being becomes continued operations instead of winning then you are lost as a military.  I can't see the reasons behind any of this stuff but I hope for the sake of my nation that we have a real reason for being in Syria.  If not then we've already lost but just don't know it.

If its about Assad then that dude is already in a cage.  He'll have to spend the next 20 years rebuilding his nation and putting down coup attempts.

It's time to go.

Sidenote.  Can a nation that has spent the last 20 years locked in insurgencies that at best were a stalemate and at worst a loss, trust the military leadership that led it, to win future wars?  I don't think so.  Any "ideas" for the future coming from this crop of generals should automatically be thrown in the trash and we should wait for the next group of leaders (probably some shit hot Colonel that has pissed everyone off) to figure it all out.

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