Thursday, July 30, 2020

Smaller Missile Marine Corps? Then its time to start slashing overhead...NOW!

The Missile Marine Commandant has attacked the Ground Combat Element of the once Mighty USMC with a vengeance (be advised ... more cuts are coming that will stir the souls of even the timid that remain quiet today).

So be it.

He sits in the big chair and while he'll have to answer to the Mothers of America and take the barbs of historians answering why we lost to the Chinese... he has the power to do as he sees fit.

What he hasn't done that's low hanging fruit is to rid the Missile Marines of all the overhead.

The Logistics Bases?  Shutter them now.  Excess overhead.  The Marine Expeditionary Brigades?  Shutter them.  Excess overhead.  A decision needs to be made about whether or not to keep Marine Expeditionary Forces but I would contend that the task they're trying to take over can be better and more easily accomplished at the Division level.  If we're talking about "integrating with the Navy" and since ground combat has gone the way of the Marine Corps (from my chair the Missile Marines will not be engaged in ground combat) then the Admiral in charge of the Naval Task Force will be directing things with the Missile Marines simply along for the ride.

Oh and that chair on the Joint Chiefs?

The Missile Marines don't deserve it.  Vacate that chair and give it to the Space Force.

In for a penny in for a pound Berger.  You started this shit show.  Complete your work.  Man up and get it done.

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