Tuesday, July 07, 2020

The illegal firework display (video) shows what I believe is a growing problem for authorities...citizens are considering laws unjust...

I've been trying (with little success) to illustrate what I believe is the problem of our time (one that overrides many of the issues in the media).

Citizens are considering laws and govt edicts to be unjust.

My exhibit today?  The viral video of the fireworks celebration in Los Angeles.

Take a look at that!  Seems like everyone and their mother was out shooting off some type of celebratory explosive.

No big deal you say?  I can agree (to a point...we are talking about a major urban area) but the real point is that the Mayor of Los Angeles declared fireworks illegal for the 4th.

No one cared.

No one blinked twice either.  They just set them off and enjoyed their day.

My point?  Not everyone doing that is what we could call a criminal.  Not everyone doing that could be called anti-social, a law breaker, megalomaniac, sociopath, etc....

I'm guessing that average folks were setting these things off and that should concern authorities.

SOME I'm sure waddled in the new found power to order people to stay home. Some probably enjoyed the idea that they could exercise such powers backed by law enforcement to deem their edicts to be law (that's another thing that gets me...governors, mayors and others did all this without seeming to go to a representative body to get buy in from the people's representatives).

The world health organization said that the worst is yet to come.  If true then we've got a problem.  I believe that because the first shutdown was done in such a haphazard, arbitrary fashion, a second one will be the straw that breaks the back.

Doctors and nurses are pushing the meme because they're so considered about physical health.  At this point I'm worried about the mental health of the nation(s).

What has come will seem like disney if this goes for round two.  We saw massive protests about the Floyd killing.  We saw disobedience when it came to beaches and businesses opening up before that.  Round two will see protests against govts I think.

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