Monday, July 20, 2020

US Army @ Defender 20 - Europe

Baby steps now (relatively) but the Army is getting back into its old REFORGER type days of moving forces around the globe.  Can't wait to see what they're gonna do in the Pacific but mark my words.  The US Army will be there and they're gonna yank out a seat at the table.

It might seem far fetched but the Army is talking REAL BIG about multi-domain operations so them buying a few batteries of anti-ship missiles shouldn't come as a surprise.  Additionally I'm betting we're gonna see a proposal to sail Patriot missiles on US Navy ships to be landed with Missile Marine Forces or even alone.

There is alot more to the naval battle than just lobbing missiles at ships.  Extending the range of the anti-air umbrella is important too. 

IF the Missile Marine Corps concept is valid then placing anti-air missiles in forward locations (meaning alongside anti-ship missile vehicles) would seem beyond reasonable.  It would seem essential.

The Army has straws out and they're actually drinking everyone's milkshakes.  Of course it's brother services made it easy but they're doing it none-the-less.

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