Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Australia's Boxer CRV keeps rolling on...

I have to give the Aussies credit.  You should too.

Think about it.  In the span of a decade they will have basically revamped and modernized EVERY one of their services.  I don't agree with all the platforms they selected but the speed, domestic production and INNOVATION I'm seeing is impressive.

Even better is the fact that they seem to be moving forward at full speed with a LIMITED amount of risk.  Even where we do see that development risk its so contained that if delays or failure does occur it will be a minor irritant, not an earth shattering event that requires a crash development program to be initiated (I'm thinking that fabulous Loyal Wingman concept they're working on).

If I recall correctly the K9 Thunder is the next thing up but regardless I'm betting it'll be on time, within budget and provides a boost to the Australian economy.

That's what I call SMART defense spending.

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