Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Blackburn Buccaneer was a beast!

Funny thing?

I contend that the Royal Navy was more powerful back in the day and would be even today (if modernized) with the aircraft it once had.

The same could be said of the Missile Marines.

If its about the sea battle then tinkering at the edges and playing with a few ground launched anti-ship missiles ain't gonna cut it.

First thing is that the US Army can designate the 25th ID as its "Pacific Force in Readiness" and tailor that outfit to fight the sea battle too.  It can EASILY assemble more anti-ship missiles in that one unit than the entire Missile Marines can.

It can climb aboard Navy ships too and while not optimized for amphibious operations neither will the Missile Marines be optimized.

Additionally the low hanging fruit is a proper naval strike platform.  The F-35B just don't cut the mustard in that regard.  The Super Hornet is adequate but not ideal either...but its better than what the Missile Marines will be fielding but that part is being ignored by HQMC.

There are so many holes in this concept that you can drive a M1A2C thru it.

This concept is idiotic.  It's dead on arrival.  It's a continuation of the filth that's infected HQMC.

I could accept bureaucracy.  I can't accept legacy building and pie in the sky thinking...especially when it comes to the future of the Marine Corps.

One last thing.

What happened to the joint fight.  Where is the Navy & Air Force in this whole thing.  The only organization that is moving forward in a coherent manner is the US Army.  Everyone else is adrift in obvious confusion.  The legacy of the last 3 commandants is one of failure.  This will end badly.

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