Monday, August 17, 2020

Boeing Defence Australia’s secretive Airpower Teaming System (ATS), more commonly known as Loyal Wingman, has been spotted by sources out in the open

The Aussies have their shit together.  This thing will be a HUGE export success (assuming they allow export) and if the US military was smart they'd be all over it.

How does this keep happening?

The US had a MASSIVE lead in this field but once again certain mafias (the F-35 mafia in this case) kept us from not only maintaining that lead but building on it.

They talk AI, Robotic Aircraft, playing quarterback to unmanned aircraft but DO NOTHING!  We talk unmanned vehicles, had the TerraMax ready to go over a decade ago but DO NOTHING!  We developed robotic combat vehicles but did NOTHING!

Innovation isn't the problem.  It's an indecisive military leadership, coupled with our homegrown MIC, mixed with jacked up Think Tank gurus (that are actually shilling for big corporations),  and finally all the mafias that will help cost us the next war.

Well done Australia.  You guys are leading the way.

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