Sunday, August 23, 2020

China's Type 075 returns from sea trials...


How can you look at the fleet that China is building and believe that they don't have global ambitions? 

That's why the thinking that we can NOW (maybe in the past but not now) we can keep them bottled up in the first island chain and that the Missile Marines should orient themselves totally to a fight in that region is beyond me!

Additionally, after much thought the Generals are just gonna have to swallow hard and accept reality.

If China and the US ever cross swords in this region then the casualties will be horrific.  Even IF it doesn't go nuclear.  I find that thinking a bit perplexing too.  From what I've read if the old USSR ever did its thing thru the Fulda Gap many experts were predicting that entire divisions would be wiped out.  I believe I read that a Cav unit was predicted to be eviscerated in total in a matter of minutes.  A book that attempted to predict the war said that NATO would get desperate and attempt an air assault by the 101st and that the unit was rendered combat ineffective WHILE FLYING IN!

My point?  China is going global and the battlefield will be Africa!  The services better get ready for a big all domain fight on a huge continent.

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