Monday, August 10, 2020

Does becoming part of the Army make sense?

I'm BEGINNING to understand why Berger is making the changes he is but I still can't get aboard.  The Naval Fight is PRIMARILY a NAVY responsibility.  They're making NO CHANGES at this time while the Missile Marines are wrecking its enter existence to save them from a fight they don't appear to be preparing for, are making no substantial changes to fight it, don't seem interested in any of the above and unfortunately the Missile Marines will have little influence on.

With that being said does it make sense for the Marines to become part of the Army?

What are the advantages of such a move?  One I can see is a chance for more schools for the average Marine.  I don't think they would mess with our heritage and would simply absorb us as one of its specialized units.

The 82nd has its own identity, as does the Rangers and even the 25th ID.  We would lose a seat at the JCS but I see that coming soon anyway.  We'd lose some funding for aircraft but gain it in armored vehicles.  A bunch of General slots would go away, Colonels would start disappearing but for the rest of the force it would probably be a good move.

I'm looking hard but I don't see how it would be such a bad thing.  Can anyone help me out?  Berger is tossing tradition, smashing our legacy and remaking us into something I can't recognize.  Would a move over to the Big Green be as chaotic as what the Marines are going thru now?

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