Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Green Berets conducted a Full Mission Profile training exercise with members of 82nd ABN Div last week as part of Exercise Panther Storm

I haven't been watching SOCOM but with the move toward a focus on peer vs peer combat I'm sure they're making adjustments and planning for how they'll contribute.

This small exercise in my mind, points the way forward for the Army.  Looks like they will partner with conventional forces to achieve dynamic results.

Rangers?  I can see them being totally compartmentalized for big raids on an objective.  It's what they were built for (well not really...they're really built for long range patrol but that passed by the wayside long ago).  Special Forces moving into the raiding role is kinda new but using the 82nd to provide security/support is almost a no-brainer.

That leaves MARSOC, Navy SEALs and AF Special Ops.  MARSOC and SEALs will fold back into the sea battle and do all the naval special ops stuff with the additional duty of acting as forward observers on small islands (weren't they called beach watchers or something like that in WW2?) plus MAYBE acting as raiding forces against those artificial islands the Chinese are building (although I can't figure why you'd send people after something you can easily target with cruise missiles).  Air Force Special Ops?  I have no idea. They're kinda built on a house of cards.  I don't know where they fit in.

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