Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Israeli Defense establishment puts V-22 Osprey deal back on the table

via Cleveland Jewish News.
Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi said on Sunday that they intend to reconsider procuring the V-22 Osprey aircraft from U.S. manufacturer Boeing.

Israel had decided several months ago not to purchase the aircraft due to budgetary restrictions.

The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey is a tiltrotor aircraft with both vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and short takeoff and landing (STOL) capabilities. Gantz, who during his tenure as IDF chief saw the United States and Israel reach an Osprey procurement deal, is an adamant supporter of purchasing the advanced aircraft.

In a meeting two weeks ago, Israel Hayom has learned, Gantz and Kochavi agreed to revisit the decision to scrap the Osprey deal. If Gantz’s position is indeed adopted, the Osprey would be part of a broader initiative to replace the IDF’s aging fleet of Sikorsky CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopters, which were first incorporated in the 1960s and 1970s.

Despite the air force’s efforts over the decades to preserve the quality of its CH-53 fleet, in 2019 the State Comptroller said in a report that keeping the aircraft operational beyond 2025 would put lives at risk.

That contest to replace the aging CH-53s is between the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion, which is manufactured by Lockheed Martin, and the Boeing CH-47F Chinook. While the IDF hasn’t yet declared its preference, according to Israel Hayom the country’s defense establishment prefers the CH-53K due to its better performance.
I find this hyper interesting.

The Israelis are planning on going after someone and they plan on going after someone in a big way.

Nothing else makes sense.

They keep gravitating back to the V-22 despite the V-280 seemingly coming online in a few years.

So they need speed, range (both of which the V-280 gives in spades) AND a relatively large troops compartment (which the V-280 doesn't).

Budget constraints are going to be a reality on both sides of the Atlantic so I don't see a sweetheart deal being worked out especially if Biden wins the election.

Which means that the Israelis will forgo other kit to get the V-22.


You heard it here first.

The Israeli SF are gonna do a long range raid against someone and its foreseen/being planned right now.

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