Monday, August 03, 2020

Map for August 1st: The PLA Navy Marine Corps

They're getting bigger.  Better.  More heavily armored.  More powerful direct/indirect firepower in their Ground Combat Element.  Adding Special Forces and Aviation.

They're becoming what we once were.

The real question is this.  Have Chinese Marines surpassed the Missile Marines in ground combat capability?  Are they projected to be so powerful that the ground fight must be passed to the US Army?

Is the very question distasteful to you?  GET OVER IT!  Something has Berger and the DoD spooked to such a degree that they're tossing away a war winning formula.  The threat was/is so stark that instead of adding capabilities to our Ground Combat Element they're seeking to remake them.  Transformation instead of evolution is seen as the key to survival.  Gimmicks instead of hard work.

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