Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Marine Special Operations members face manslaughter charges after brawl in Iraq

via Stars & Stripes.
The party was winding down around 4 a.m. when the fight erupted. The crowd at a bar in northern Iraq — including Special Operations Marines, defense contractors and civilians — had been drinking and dancing for hours, ringing in the new year.

A conversation between two Americans turned sour. A burly, bearded defense contractor speaking to a Navy corpsman screamed at least one profanity at him, witnesses later said. Bouncers ejected the contractor, an Army Special Forces veteran, who threatened to hurt the sailor when he came outside.

Bouncers told the sailor and two Marine friends to wait five minutes before leaving. But that did not de-escalate the situation.

The three men approached the contractor and his colleagues outside, and a brawl ensued. One of the Marines punched the contractor in the side of the head, and the contractor spun around and landed on the back of his head, suffering a nine-inch skull fracture, according to previously unreported military documents and security video reviewed by The Washington Post. He died a few days later, on Jan. 4, 2019.

Jesus!  What is it with MARSOC and Special Forces?  I've met some of those dudes and they treated us better than a FEW of our Recon/Force Recon guys.  Seriously professional, seriously about the work (without the bullshit)...just good dudes.

I can't understand the apparent friction between the two groups but at this rate MARSOC is gonna get invited out of SOCOM.

This is a tragedy full stop.  But it's also the second incident between MARSOC and Special Forces that resulted in death (that I know of).

Whatever is broken needs to get fixed asap.

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