Saturday, August 29, 2020

Ok. The kid with the AR was getting his ass kicked by multiple assailants. Complex easy answers...

_esstac Kyle Rittenhouse obviously wanted to murder people, and couldn't have possibly feared for his life.... How large of a mob does it take to make one actually fearful? How many people need to curb stomp you, or hit you with a skateboard? How many felons need to threaten you with deadly force? Like the glock the media keep refusing to show. Lets ask Adam Haner, he probably has an opinion.


This is a complex case.  No easy answers to be found.  It will take a REASONABLE, SENSIBLE, EYES WIDE OPEN...judge to preside over this madness.

I like to think I'm reasonable.  I like to hear all sides.  What I've been seeing lately has me...conflicted.

Should the guy have been there in the first place?  Probably not.  Was it wide to show up at a place where you knew a mob was running wild?  Definitely not.

But he did.  He was there.  He had as much right to be there as anyone else.

What happened next?

Tragedy mixed with stupidity mixed with more tragedy.

Apparently he was being CHASED.  Assaulted.  And finally attacked with a vengeance by multiple assailants.

Additionally it appears that some were armed.

It was a massive shit show from hell.

I know of at least one person dead.  A couple of other injured (supposedly one lost a bicep...instant cripple for the rest of his life) and this dude is facing a murder charge.

Shit show indeed.  Glad I won't have to serve on the jury for this one.  Not matter what the ruling you'll find people are gonna be pissed.

The sad thing?

The lives of EVERYONE involved are forever changed because of one night that led to a series of bad decisions for everyone participating in this madness.

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