Friday, August 28, 2020

Once again the Marine Corps demands the Navy build a ship it MUST have...

This issue has come to the fore in the modern era but its been bold enough to be quite annoying.

How many times has the Marine Corps gone to the Navy and said WE MUST HAVE this ship?

Think about it.

The Mobile Landing Platform was a MUST HAVE for sea basing.  Then when it went into service it turned out that "we gotta figure out how we're gonna use it"!

We had the America Class.  The first couple were built without well decks because the Marine Corps said we're going AIR CENTRIC and we don't need WELL DECKS!

Next thing you know the Marine Corps reverses course and the next few WILL HAVE a well deck.

Then we had the DDG-1000.  The Marine Corps said we need naval guns back in a big way cause we're in the business of forcible landings and we need FIRE SUPPORT.  Suddenly we don't need the fire support cause we're no longer in the business of forcible landings!

Now we have this.

Give it a couple of years and this class will be like the LCS. Orphaned while leadership pursues another failed concept when what we really need is a reaffirmation of our core missions and values...PLUS THE RECOGNITION that a peer fight won't be easy or bloodless!

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