Thursday, August 20, 2020

Rollin’ On The River

These are the pics from the vid I posted yesterday.  In that blog post I predicted that LAR would disappear from the Missile Marine Corps.

Unfortunately in this case, Berger MIGHT have a point.  An 8x8, 15 ton vehicle that carries a crew of 3 and up to 6 Marines with a 25mm chain gun?  Compare that to this...

Simplified logistics because the vehicle is in widespread US armed forces use. Increased firepower by way of a 30mm cannon along with a javelin anti-tank missile.  Equal (I'm told) ground mobility.  Can't swim but can be airlifted much much much easier than the LAV?

The simple fact is this.

The LAV is outdated and needs a replacement.  I'll try and find the quote in the document I love to hate but Berger did express lack of confidence in a future role for the organization.

With the emphasis on aviation I'm sure he's looking at UAVs to act as scouts and enhanced situational awareness to screen our flanks.

I believe the enemy will adjust accordingly and increase their use of anti-aircraft missiles, lasers, jamming knock down not only our aircraft but also our UAVs.

All eggs in a fragile basket.

If aviation fails.  If there aren't enough missiles then this whole dream will die a painful death.

Unfortunately Marines will die with it.

But what about LAR?

In my opinion you have to have a unit that can go out and scout ahead of what little mechanized force remains (still think the ACV will get canned but we'll see what we'll see).  Additionally that unit needs to be able to fight for information in an environment where comms/sats/uavs are all down (the fog of war is high).

What vehicle fits that bill?

It's gonna sound radical and many will shitcan the idea but if we're reduced to limited mech forces then we're gonna need our "cavalry" to be stronger.  Obviously it can go to the old Army way of using Tanks but what about a light tank?  What about the Army's new light tank?

Replace LAR with the Army's light tank and I believe that'll fit the bill.  Enough firepower to fight for info.  Enough armor to take a hit.

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