Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The B-21 is the medium bomber we've all been yelling for...

Someone here said it earlier but here it is in print.  It will carry have the payload of the B-2 (apparently) which I would say it meets the specs of the medium bomber we've all been yelling for.

Good on the USAF for that.


Now let's hope that the stealth requirement didn't overload the costs of this puppy and we can get a couple hundred into service.

This is joint capability (if properly exploited) that can help the Navy ACTUALLY solve the problem of the massive Chinese fleet.  A hundred B-21's loaded with anti-ship missiles coupled with carrier aviation, subs and the rest of our tactical air fleet (short legged as it is) can at least put them on their back foot.

Even better? 

This can put an end to Berger's madness and we can keep the Marine Corps a MEDIUM WEIGHT FORCE that can flex up and down the spectrum of combat and is capable of fighting all over the world (including AFRICA...and the ARCTIC...you're gonna need some type of mechanization up there or you'll freeze to death) not just the Pacific!

The great?

Disciplined foreign policy, a trained populace (or continued tariffs to raise the price of imported goods), a frugal shopper and nationalism with a small "n" means that a chance at diplomacy might yield a bit of fruit.

The Chinese are pragmatic.  The Pentagon has been slow to recognize the real threat (don't know why they're so fixated on Russia..don't poke the bear the bear won't fuck with you) but they have now.  The fight which I saw coming  won't be a walk in the park for the Chinese.  In other words we won't get steam rolled.  I don't know who would win the fight but it will be a pyrrhic victory so why would either side bother?

If this plane works and the Navy makes some adjustments (along with Army missiles) then the fight can be avoided in this region.

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