Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Italians proved that SHOCK has an affect on dismounted infantry! The Missile Marine Corps is making a mistake by believing that well equipped infantry isn't vulnerable!

Think about it.

The Italians assaulted Siberian Infantry using an outmoded tactic and with SHOCK, SURPRISE, OVERWHELMING VIOLENCE and overcame that dismounted infantry.

The result?

Surprising to my eyes.  A Cav charge against what was then modern infantry?  They should have been shot to pieces.  But to lose 32 cavalrymen to 150 dead and 600 taken prisoner?  ASTONISHING!

My worry?

The Missile Marines are making the same mistake.  They might have written off the tank but the tank hasn't been written off everywhere else (the Brits don't count...it's obvious they're piggybacking off the US now so they're thinking coalition warfare).

I can actually see a modern version of this historic event playing out.  Massed armored formations that aren't taken out by long range fires (I keep thinking about bad weather like at the Battle of Bulge at the start of that thing) or aviation.  They close within distance and its a rout.  SHOCK ACTION is being underestimated but its still a part of battle.

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