Friday, August 07, 2020

UAVs are gonna be flying around like flies on future battlefields...

We're gonna need something a bit more effective than kinetic solutions to the future UAV threat.  With companies developing lightweight, truly manportable UAVs, the danger is real not imaginary.

When you have a single platoon that can have every swinging dick and ovary carrying their own personal UAV then you have a problem for you or your enemy (whoever happens to be so equipped).

What has me spinning is this realization.  Armor will have to readjust on the fly (pun intended).  The previous threat was IEDs all over the place.  I'm betting the future it'll be UAVs.  That means that either we develop some type of CIWS for almost EVERY vehicle or we develop a system that can effectively protect a dispersed platoon. 

The 21st Century.  The hits just keep coming.

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